1854                Near The South Park, Pulaski, New York.

Smith appeared in one announcement on September 14, 1854 in The Pulaski Democrat (Pulaski, New York).  Daguerrean Car.—Mr. Moulton has located his Daguerrian Car near the South Park, strung out some good looking faces as signs, and ask the public to visit him.  We have done so.  The establishment has decidedly a “taking appearance—the specimens are equal to any we ever saw—and more of the same sort furnished to order.  Smith, so popular here three or four years ago, a fine artist and a capital fellow, is with him.  It cost nothing to look at their pictures and time spent viewing beautiful pictures is not lost.

Smith is possibly J. B. Smith; Moulton is possibly William J. Moulton.  J. B. Smith was published in the blog on February 3, 2021, he was active in Pulaski from August 28 to Septtember18, 1851.  J. B. Smith and William J. Moulton are referenced as partners in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Rome, New York in 1857-1858.  

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