1852-1853       Little’s New Building, Canton, Illinois.

Seavey (possibly William Seavey or Sevey) appeared in one advertisement on January 5, 1853 in the Canton Weekly Register  (Canton, Illinois).  Skylight Daguerreian Rooms! Seavey has opened a “Skylight Gallery” in Canton, at a heavy expense, and is now prepared to take Miniature Portraits in from five to thirty seconds, sitting time.  Having every advantage in late improvements in the art, he can  suit any body, at any time, with the best of portraits, put up in any way, and for almost any price.  To persons in the Adjoining Towns And Country, he would say, he has leased his “Skylight” for two years, and may be found “on hand,” in Little’s new building, east side of the Square, in the third house from the northeast corner.

Farmers, come in with your families, and have them taken.  What can be more satisfactory to you, at the same cost?  To see the portraits of 150 persons, will pay you for a visit, so bring up the folks, even if you don’t want your portraits taken.

P. S.  Plenty of stock and materials for sale, just received from the East. je 25.

Seavey is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in 1852-1853.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a William Sevey as being active in Canton, Illinois in 1860, as does A Directory of Early Illinois Photographers, who references both spellings of William’s last name.    

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