J. B. Scott

1845-1846       Rooms at Mrs. Goddard’s Hotel, Maysville, Kentucky.

J. B. Scott appeared in one advertisement that was recorded on January 14, 1846 in the Eagle  (Maysville, Kentucky).  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Taken by J. B. Scott, of Philadelphia.  Mr. S. having taken rooms at Mrs. Goddard’s Hotel, invite the citizens of Maysville and vicinity, to call and examine his specimens, which he [flatters] himself are as good as any taken in the Eastern cities.   The wonderful accuracy of Portraits taken by this process, and the very moderate prices demanded for them, render it desirable that every person should possess one.  Copies of Portraits, miniatures, &c., [ ? ] accuracy.

N. B.  Instructions given in the art, and instrument furnished at Eastern prices.  Maysville, Dec. 4, 1845.

J. B. Scott is not recorded in other photographic directories. To date there is no record of of J. B. Scott in Philadelphia.

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