G. B. Parker

1847-1848       Rooms over R. W. Farwell’s Store, Claremont, New Hampshire.

G. B. Parker was recorded in two advertisements in the National Eagle (Claremont, New Hampshire).  The first advertisement ran from October 29 to December 3, 1847.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  G. B. Parker, Daguerrian Artists; Rooms over R. W. Farwell’s Store.  Persons desirous of obtaining likenesses of themselves, family or friends, are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.  Pictures taken singly or in groups with or without coloring, [regardless] of weather.

G. B. P. having availed himself of the many recent improvements in Chemicals and Apparatus, feels confident in saying his pictures can be surpassed by none.

Portraits, Paintings, Engravings and Daguerreotypes copied.

The second advertisement ran from December 31, 1847 to March23, 1848.  Daguerreotype Miniatures executed in a clear, strong, bold character at Parker’s Daguerreotype Rooms over R. W. Farwell’s Store.  Those desirous of obtaining an elegant and correct Daguerreotype are respectfully invited to call at my rooms and examine numerous specimens of my work, executed in this place.

Prices varying from $1.00 to 5.00.

A Perfect Likeness warranted in any weather.

Instruction given and Apparatus furnished on the most reasonable terms.

G. B. Parker is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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