John A. Palmer

1854                Over Alderson’s Bookstore, Lewisburg, Virginia.

John A. Palmer was recorded in one advertisement that ran four times from June 17 to August 5, 1854 in the Greenbrier Era (Lewisburg, Virginia).  Daguerreotypes!  John A. Palmer Daguerreotypist.  Is now in this place, where he will remain a short time, and offer his services to the public—most earnestly soliciting a share of their patronage.  Pictures taken at from $1 to [$30] or [$10], and entire satisfaction guarantied.

Rooms—over Alderson’s Bookstore.

Attention is called to the Stereoscopic or solid Daguerreotype—the Most Perfect of all pictures—which he takes in the best style the art.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.  June 17.

John A. Palmer is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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