John Lewis

1851                142 Chatham, New York, New York[1]

1855                Chatham Street, New York, New York.

John Lewis was recorded in the 1851/1852 New York City Directory.  Daguerreotypes—142 Chatham—H-28 Eldridge.  Published by John Fowler Trow.

He was not listed in the 1852/1853 directory—Published by John Doggett; also not listed in the following directories 1853/1854—Published by John Fowler Trow; 1854/1855—Published by John Fowler Trow; 1855/1856—Published by John Fowler Trow; and the 1856/1857—Published by John Fowler Trow.

He was also recorded in one announcement that appeared on October 5, 1855 in the Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, D. C.)  Distressing Occurrence—At New York, on Tuesday, Coroner Kidder was called to hold an inquest upon the body of the wife of Mr. John Lewis, who came to her death under the following circumstances:  Mr. Lewis her husband, had for some time been ill with fever , and occasionally delirious.  On Monday, during one of these spells, he became unmanageable, and persisted in jumping out of the window of his room, which was on  the third floor.  No one but his wife happened to be present at the time, his mother, who resides with them, being down stairs.  His wife, who was a small delicate woman, tried every means in her power to keep him quite, but he, becoming perfectly frantic, made tor the rear window.  She seized him and endeavored to draw him back, when he suddenly leaped through the sash and both man and woman were dashed upon the pavement below, a distance of about twenty-five feet.  Mrs. Lewis struck her head upon the door-step and was instantly killed.  Mr. Lewis was seriously injured, and now lies at the city hospital in a precarious condition.  He is a daguerreotypist, doing business in Chatham street.

John Lewis is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in New York City from 1851 to 1853.

[1] 1851/1852 New York City Directory.

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