Lamartine & Sullivan

1852                Boat near the Wharf, Pomeroy, Ohio.

1852                Boat at the Steamboat Landing, Gallipolis, Ohio.

1854                Boat at the Wharf, Pomeroy, Ohio.

Lamartine & Sullivan were recorded in six announcements and one advertisement. The first announcement appeared on June 17, 1852 in the Meigs County Telegraph (Pomeroy, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Yacht.—Messrs. Lamartine & Sullivan inform the public through our paper to-day where they can obtain daguerreotype likenesses of the very first quality for tone and finish.  We have examined their specimens, and have seldom seen them equaled.

The advertisement ran from June 17 to July 22, 1852 in the Meigs County Telegraph (Pomeroy, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Yacht!  Lamartine & Sullivan’s boat is now lying at Pomeroy, near the wharf boat, where they intend to remain a few days.  They solicit the patronage of the inhabitants.  Their instruments are of the best kind.  The arrangement for light is so adapted that they can take pictures in all kinds of weather.  Those who are desirous of having good Miniatures, can now have an opportunity of getting the best kind.  Family groups taken.  Infants can be taken in a few seconds.  Specimens can be seen at the Post Office and on the boat.

The second announcement appeared on August 19, 1852 in the Gallipolis Journal (Gallipolis, Ohio).  Daguerreotyping.  Messrs. Lamartine & Sullivan would respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the place and vicinity that their Yacht is now lying at the steamboat landing prepared to do all kinds of Daguerreotyping, from the smallest size fine rings up to the largest size fine frame and cases.  Family groups of any number neatly taken and put up in good style.  Please give us a call soon, our stay will be very short.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.                                     

The third announcement appeared on August 26, 1852 in the Gallipolis Journal.  Call at the yacht and have your likeness taken.  Messrs. Lamartine & Sullivan are taking the best and cheapest likenesses ever taken in this place.

The fourth announcement appeared on September 2, 1852 in the Gallipolis Journal. Daguerreotypes.—Messrs. Lamartine & Sullivan, with their Yacht, designed remaining at our landing one week longer, in order to give all a chance of procuring a good likeness.  They certainly do up the thing in approved style.  We advise all to improve this opportunity of “securing the shadow ere the substance fades.”

The fifth announcement appeared on September 9, 1852 in the Gallipolis Journal.  The Daguerreotype Yacht will remain at the wharf a few days longer.  Our citizens have found out that Lamartine is some at the business and have so crowded him of late that he has been induced to remain longer than he had previously advertised for.  Don’t miss the chance.

The sixth announcement appeared on July 25, 1854 in the Meigs County Telegraph (Pomeroy, Ohio).  Daguerreotypes.—Those who wish to preserve likenesses of themselves or friends, do not lack opportunity.  Lamartine is at our landing with his Yacht.  Handbills on the corners announce the fact that a couple of Itinerants have taken rooms over Branch’s store, and we are assured, by letter, that Messrs. Moore & Gilbert will be here next week with their Daguerrean Yacht.

Of the relative merits of the two first named we cannot speak—having never examined their work.  But if our friends are in no hurry, we can promise them something rich when Moore & Gilbert arrive.  During our recent absence, we visited them, and more recently they have sent us some specimens of their work, which may be seen by calling at our office.  We pronounce them good.  We think, therefore, our friends will lose nothing by waiting a few days.

Lamartine & Sullivan are recorded in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, both record them as being active in 1851 on the Muskingum River.  The Muskingum River is a tributary of the Ohio River approximately 111 Miles long. During the nineteenth century it was an important commercial route. Both Pomeroy and Gallipolis are on the Ohio River.

Towns on the Muskingum River include Zanesville; South Zanesville; Duncan Falls; Philo; Gaysport; Blue Rock; Malta; McConnelsville; Stockport; Beverly; Waterford; Coal Run; Lowell; Rainbow; Alden; Devola and Marietta.

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