George B. C. Ingraham

1851                144 Middle Street, Portland, Maine.

George B. C. Ingraham appeared in two advertisements the first advertisement ran from May 1 to June 19, 1851in the Christian Mirror (Portland, Maine).  Notice.  The Subscriber, having leased and fitted up the rooms at the well-known stand, 144 Middle St., Portland, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes, invite his friends to call on him and to favor him with a share of their patronage, hoping to give them perfect satisfaction.  Geo. B. C. Ingraham.

The second advertisement ran from June 5 to August 5, 1851 in the Portland Daily Advertiser  (Portland, Maine).  Daguerreotype.  The Old Stand, (144 Middle Street,) Has been leased and refitted in a superior manner, by the subscriber, for this business.

His Rooms are easy of access from the street, being at the head of the first flight of Stairs, 144 Middle Street, over J. D. Kidder’s Store.

Miniatures Taken in any weather.

Prices, 75 cents and upwards.  Please call and look at my specimens.  George B. C. Ingraham.

George B. C. Ingraham is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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