1851                Address and Location Unknown, Maine.

Gerrish of the partnership Stevens & Gerrish was recorded in one announcement in November 4, 1851 in the Portland Weekly Advertiser (Portland, Maine).  Cumberland County Agricultural And Horticultural Society.  Agreeably to notice, the Fair and Cattle Show commenced on Wednesday, October 15, 1851 in Portland.

The Cattle Show was held in the pasture, corner of Green and Portland streets, the exhibition of produce, Manufactured articles, &c., at the City Hall…

Daguerreotypes:—There were numerous specimens of Daguerreotypes, from Geo. M. Howe, Messrs. Stevens & Gerrish and Mr. Samuel Carlton.  The committee could see but slight difference between those of Howe, and Stevens & Gerrish, both were believed to be as near perfection, as the daguerreotype process will allow, but on the whole the evidence of artistical skill in those of Messrs. Stevens & Gerrish, inclined the committee to give theirs the preference, and they awarded them a premium, 2.00.  To those of Mr. Howe they awarded a diploma.

Mr. Carlton has many admirers in his line, and deservedly so.

Gerrish is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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