J. M. Frisbie

1854-1855       Reber’s Block, nearly opposite Verandah Hotel, Sandusky, Ohio.

J. M. Frisbie was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Plymouth Advertiser (Plymouth, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on June 10, 1854.  Frisbie, the Daguerreotypist, of Sandusky, has re-fitted his rooms in a most splendid style.  His pictures are the most finest we have seen.  Strangers visiting Sandusky, will be well repaid by visiting his rooms.

The advertisement ran from June 10, 1854 to October 6, 1855.  J. M. Frisbie, Daguerrean Artist, Reber’s Block, nearly opposite Verandah Hotel, entrance between Porter and Lytle’s Stores, Water-st., Sandusky, O.

Pictures taken either singly or in groups in the best style of the art, in either clear or cloudy weather, put up in every variety of cases.  His rooms are fitted up with both sky and side lights.  Strangers visiting Sandusky are invited to call and examine specimens. 

J. M. Frisbie is recorded in as being active in Sandusky, Ohio between 1853 to 1879 without a business address in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 and in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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