1848                7 Batchelder Block, Factory Island, Saco, Maine.

1848                Cataract Block, Factory Island, Saco, Maine.

1849                2 Cataract Block, Factory Island, Saco, Maine

Frink, possibly (Sam C. Frink) was mentioned in one announcement for Macomber & Co. (Horatio N. Macomber) and two advertisements and two announcements in the Maine Democrat Saco Maine. The announcement he was mentioned in appeared on May 23, 1848.  Daguerreotypes.—Following the crowd, one day last week, we found ourself in the Daguerreotype Rooms of Macomber & Co., where, after due preparation, Mr. Frink took a copy of our phiz. As like to the original as like can be.  On looking about his room, we found ourself in the mist of many familiar faces of our townsmen, who have made a visit there and left their shadows behind, to grace the portrait gallery.  Mr. Frink is one of the most accomplished artists to be found in the business.—The operations of this firm are very extensive.—They have a room in Portsmouth, N. H., where Mr. Macomber is now operating.  Some of his likenesses taken there, exceed any thing of the kind we have seen, for distinctness of outline and vividness of expression.  Reader, you cannot do your friends a greater favor than to obtain for them likenesses from this celebrated Room.

The first advertisement ran from August 8 to 29, 1848.  News; News, News!  To The Inhabitants of Saco & Vicinity.  Perfect Likenesses Warranted for $1.  Ladies And Gentlemen—Frink, of the late firm of Macomber & Co., returns his most sincere thanks for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon him since his return among you, and he would now say to all in want of Perfect Daguerreotype Likenesses, that he is still to be found at the old stand, Batchelder Block, Factory Island, where he will, for a short time, make and warrant as good Likenesses for One Dollar as can be made by any other artist in this town, or vicinity, at any price.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no humbug.  We have come to the conclusion to Reduce Our Prices, so that all can, and we hope will, avail themselves of this opportunity to secure to themselves and friends these mementoes of life, so much valued when the time of separation comes.

Pictures taken at all times in the day between 7 o’cl’k A. M. and 6 P. M., without regard to weather, of any size, single or in groups, from 1 to 5 dollars, in Morocco Cases, or Lockets from 2 to 12 dollars.  Saco, August 2, 1848.  Frink & Co.

The first announcement appeared on December 28, 1848.  Destructive Fire.  Last Thursday evening, at about quarter to ten o’clock, just as many of our citizens had reached their homes after listening to the eloquent lecture of Hon. Charles Sumner, delivered in Curtts Hall, they were alarmed by the cry of “Fire!” in the vicinity of the Hall they just left…

The Shoe Store of E. S. Goodhue, the Book Store of F. O. Staples, the Jewelry and Fancy goods Store of Humphry Pike, Mr. Frink, Daguerreotypist, and J. Mason, Dentist—all in the Cataract Block—were more or less damaged.  The amount of loss or insurance, we have not learned…

The second advertisement ran from January 2 to April 10, 1849.  Colored Miniatures By Daguerreotype!  Frink & Co.  Invite public attention to the splendid Miniatures with or without colors, which they are now executing at their rooms, No. 2 Cataract Block, Factory Island.  Saco, January 1, 1849.

The second announcement appeared on April 3, 1849.  Daguerreotypes.—We have seen some of the Daguerreotype miniatures taken by Mr. Frink in his new room which would compare with any we have seen.—His lights are so arranged as to cast the shadow both downward and in an oblike (Sic.) direction, which arrangement obviates the black necks and shades the eyes of the top light, and the side shaded pictures of the sidelight.  His light consist of both a top and a side light combine.  He has some new style of cases superior to any ever offered in this place.  We advise them in want of miniatures to give Mr. Frink a call before going else where.

Sam C. Frink is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry without a business address other than Factory Island, Saco, Maine in 1849.

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