James Flanders

1849                Poor’s Building, West corner of State and Pleasant Streets, Newburyport, Massachusetts.

1850               62 State Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts.[1]

1851                62 State Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts.[2]

1852                Maj. Shaw’s, Charter Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts.

James Flanders was recorded in three advertisements.  The first advertisement appeared on January 30, 1849 in the Newburyport Morning Herald (Newburyport, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotype Notice.  Mr. James Flanders would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Newburyport and vicinity, that he has taken Rooms in N. Poor’s Building, West corner of State and Pleasant streets, entrance on State street, up stairs.  j18. 

The second advertisement appeared on May 25, 1849 in the Watchtower (Newburyport, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotype Notice.  The subscriber having had his Camera stolen from his Room would inform his friends in Newburyport and vicinity that he has obtained another German Instrument of the best quality, and those who would like a true likeness themselves can have them put up in Gilt Velvet Cases for one Dollar.  James Flanders.  a20.

The third advertisement ran from May 1 to June 18, 1852 in the Newburyport Morning Herald  (Newburyport, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotype Notice.  The subscriber has returned to Newburyport with his Saloon for a short time, and located at Maj. Shaw’s, Charter Street, where he is ready to execute Pictures; and the inhabitants are respectfully invited to call and see specimens.  Having a Side and Over-head Light together, the deep shade under the chin, & c., are entirely avoided.

Pictures taken over on new plates for 50 cents.

Pictures put up neatly in velvet cases for $1.00  James Flanders. m1.

James Flanders is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry (1850) and A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 (1851). 

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

[2] Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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