Cookingham & Iams

1852                Over Merriman’s Store, Main Street, Jackson, Michigan.

Cookingham & Iams (James V. Cookingham) was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Jackson Citizen (Jackson, Michigan).  The announcement appeared on August 4, 1852.  Read the advertisement of Cookingham & Iams, the new Daguerreians.  The have nice rooms, display fine specimens, and have the reputation of being first rate artists.

The advertisement ran from August 4 to November 3, 1852.   Premium Sky-Light Daguerreian Gallery.  Over Merriman’s Store, Main Street, Jackson, Michigan.  The subscribers would say that they have opened rooms for the purpose of executing the above work, in a superior style to any ever taken, here or elsewhere, as our pictures are made indelible and warranted.  We would also say that we have the best suit of rooms in Michigan, west of Detroit, and having an apparatus superior to any other artist’s in the west, we are prepared to excel in every particular in the art, both in taking pictures and our mode of finish.

Ladies & Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call at our rooms and examine specimens of the art.

Likenesses taken equally as well in cloudy as in clear weather and warranted.  Cookingham & Iams.

Cookingham & Iams is not Recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but is recorded in Dave Tinder’s online Directory of Early Michigan Photographers.

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