Benjamin or William Conner

1856                Address Unknown, Memphis, Tennessee.

Benjamin Conner was recorded in one article in the Daily Globe (Washington, D. C.) on May 12, 1856.  Frightful Tragedy In Memphis.—We learn from the Memphis (Tennessee) Eagle of the 1st instant, that early in the afternoon of the 30th ultimo, the report of a pistol was heard at the house of Mrs. Dalliman, and the corner of Main and Jefferson streets, in that city.  A moment afterwards Benjamin Conner, a daguerreotypist, was seen emerging from the door with a pistol in one hand and a parrot in the other.  He was followed by a Mr. Williams, who was demanding possession of the bird.  Conner then turned and presented the pistol at Williams, who got behind the gate post, and conner than walked away.  Williams had, however, been mortally wounded by the shot fired in the house, and fell to the earth.  The alarm had been raised, and several citizens pursued Conner, among Mr. W. C. Mathais, who fired at him.  Conner immediately turned on Mr. Mathais and commenced firing.  At the third shot Mr. Mathais fell, a ball having pierced his heart, and he expired in a few minutes.  Conner again fired, but was seized by an Irishman, who held him until the crowd came up.  A brother of Mr. Mathais wished to avenge his relative’s death on the spot, in their own hands, but the city marshal finally prevailed, and Conner was locked in the calaboose.  Mr. Williams lingered till evening, when he died.  It appears that he had given the parrot to a young lady in the city, who had returned it to him, but wishing afterwards to repossess it she had sent Conner to get it.

Benjamin Conner is not recorded in other photographic directories.

In another newspaper the following article appeared on May 15, 1856 in the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (Wheeling, Virginia).  The Memphis papers contain the particulars of a tragedy there on the 30th ult.  Wm. Conner, an operator in a daguerreotype gallery there, went at the request of a young lady, to get a parrot from the house of Mrs. Dallman.—A young man named Williams interfered, to prevent his taking the bird, and was shot dead on his interference.  W. A. Mathias, a respectable citizen, then pursued the murderer, and was killed by a ball from a revolver in young Conner’s hand.  The citizen then captured him, intending to lynch him, but the marshal finally got him away from them, and placed him in prison.

William Conner is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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