Mr. Cary

1843                Sterling Block, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Mr. Cary appeared in two advertisements in the Republican Farmer (Bridgeport, Connecticut).  The first advertisement appeared on August 15, 1843,.  Splendid Colored Daguerreotypes.  Single or in groups, taken by Cary at the Sterling Block.

The second advertisement was recorded on August 22, 1843.  Daguerreotypes.—This method of taking likenesses, is one of the most astonishing discoveries of the age.  Had the discovery been made in the seventeenth century, the author would no doubt have been regarded as a witch, and perhaps been hung or burnt at the stake.  The improvements that have been recently made in the art, are very great.  Not only are the form and features correctly given, but those taken by Mr. Cary, now at Sterling’s Building, give also, to a remarkable degree, the colors of the face.  We examined some dozen or more likenesses, in an unfinished state, at his room, last week, and were surprised at the improvement in this respect.  Some of them were almost as true as life.—We recognized every face with which we were acquainted, at the very first glance.  Among the number, were the likenesses of two children, (brother and sister,) on one plate.—They were complete.  Mr. Cary remains here another week.  

Mr. Cary is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in 1843 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  It is possible that this is Preston M. Cary, but further research is needed to verify this.

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