J. W. Carter

1849                Rooms at Britt’s Hotel, Washington, Arkansas.

J. W. Carter is recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Washington Telegraph (Washington, Arkansas). the announcement appeared on October 31, 1849. Miniatures.—Mr. J. W. Carter, daguerreotypist, as taken rooms at Britt’s Hotel, where he is prepared to take Miniatures for those that wish to “see themselves as others see them.”  His specimens, some of which we have examined, are highly creditable.

The advertisement ran from October 31 to November 21, 1849.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. J. W. Carter would inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place, and the surrounding country, that he has taken rooms at Britt’s Hotel, where he will remain about 20 days only.  He flatters himself owing to long and successful experience at the business, that he will be able to furnish those wishing it an exact likeness, carefully colored.  Persons wishing to see specimens of this beautiful art brought to perfection, are invited to call at his rooms and judge for themselves.—Likenesses taken at all times without regard to weather.  My pictures are warranted never to fade, or lose the beauty of their expression.  Invalids waited on at their residences if desired—Apparatus for sale and instructions given in the art at moderate prices.

J. W. Carter is recorded in Pioneer Photographers from Mississippi to the Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary 1839-1865.

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