Ebenezer James Bennett

1844-1845       449 Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky.[1]

1846                St Clair Street, Louisville, Kentucky.

Ebenezer James Bennett in an advertisement that was recorded on January 6 & 12, 1846 in the Daily Commonwealth (Frankfort, Kentucky).  Plumbe National Daguerrean Gallery.  Prof. Plumbe purposes having a Daguerreian Gallery opened in this city, on the 27th inst., on St. Clair street, over Pierson & Merriweather’s Confectionary, to be conducted by E. James Bennett, where he will be gratified to wait upon all those who may be desirous of securing a perfect likeness, warranted durable, and possessing all the distinctness and boldness of relief of a good painting.  In proof of this you need but call at his room and examine for yourselves his specimens.

Ladies and Gentlemen are earnestly requested to take the trouble of calling at his rooms.  They will afford him a pleasure in having the honor of waiting upon them, either in exhibiting specimens, or in receiving their sittings.

Founded 1840.  Awarded the Medal, Four First Premiums, and two Highest Honors, by the Institutes of Massachusetts, N. York, and Pennsylvania, respectively, for the most beautiful Colored Daguerreotypes, and best apparatus ever exhibited.

No. 33, Main st., adjoining the Northern Bank of Kentucky, Louisville, Ky.

No. 251, Broadway, New York.

No. 75 Court street, Boston.

No. 136, Chestnut street, Philadelphia.

No. 122, Baltimore street, Baltimore.

Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.

Lyceum Hall, Alexandria, D. C.

No. 56, Canal Street, New Orleans.

No. 127, Vielle Rue du Temple, Paris.

No. 32 Church Street, Liverpool.

Market St., St. Louis, Mo.

Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa.

Main Street, between 4th and 5th, east side, Cincinnati.

Broadway, Saratoga.

Douw’s Building, Albany.

Middle Street, Portland, Me.

Main Street, Newport, R. I.

Remarks.—“We have been no inattentive observer of the progress of this novel art, and we are free to say, from what we have seen, and personally examined, that Mr. Plumbe has succeeded in this art so as to surpass all others in the line in this country.”—N. Y. Herald.

“Mr. Plumbe has brought the Daguerreotype to absolute perfection; and miniature painting, we regret to say, is scarcely heard of since the admirable specimens of this artist have become known.”—N. Y. Mirror.

“A photograph of a lady by Professor Plumbe, is the finest thing of the kind we have ever seen.”—Phil. Pub. Ledger.

Ebenezer James Bennett is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as J. Ebenezer Bennett active in 1845-1846 at 449 Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky, presumably employed by John Plumbe, Jr.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry

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