A. P. Albee

1849                 236 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

A. P. Albee of the firm Gilmore & Albee (William H. Gilmore & A. P. Alee) was recorded in two advertisements in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from February 1 to July 6, 1849.  New daguerreotype Gallery.  Gilmore & Albee, Having fitted up the large and commodious Room, 236 Main Street, (Paine’s Block,) over Horace Ayres’ Grocery Store, formerly occupied by Miss Allen as a School Room, would respectfully inform the public that they are prepared to take Daguerreotype Miniatures, of the different sizes, and of superior appearance, tone and finish on the most reasonable terms.  With German Instruments of the first quality, and very superior light, they warrant their Pictures to be equal, if not superior to any produced in this city or elsewhere; and having had extensive experience in the business, they are confident of giving satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage.

They wish it distinctly understood that no person is expected to take a Picture from their Room unless they are perfectly satisfied with its life-like appearance, as well as superior finish.  Wm. H. Gilmore, A. P. Albee.                                                                                

The second advertisement ran from July 9 to August 23, 1849.  Copartnership Notice.  The copartnership hereto fore existing by the name of Gilmore & Albee is by Mutual consent, this day dissolved.  Wm. H. Gilmore, A. P. Albee, Worcester, June 19, 1849.

N. B.   The Daguerreotype business will be continued at the old stand, 235 Main St., by the Subscriber.  Pictures taken at all times, without regard to weather.  Perfect satisfaction or no charge.  Please call and examine my Life Like, Pictures and Judge for yourselves.  Wm. H. Gilmore.  July 3.

A. P. Albee is not recorded in other photographic directories. William H. Gilmore is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Worcester at 236 Main Street in 1850, and possibly in Providence, Rhode Island in 1846.

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