George C. Wood

1850                Address Unknown, Boonville, Missouri.

George C. Wood appeared in one article on October 30, 1850 in the Democratic Banner  (Bowling Green, Missouri).  Itinerant Scamp.—For some weeks past one George C. Wood has been lecturing the people of Boonville on the subject of Phrenology and taking Daguerreotype portraits.  Indeed his “name has been in the papers” of that city and he seems to have been quite a lion.  It suddenly turns out however that he is a great scamp—that he had left his own wife and run off with the wife of a Mr. Larned of Tecumseh, Michigan.  Mr. Wood hearing this information had reached Boonville, suddenly decamped—leaving the editors and citizens who had toasted him, in a nice p-h-i-x!  So much for a hasty endorsement of a stranger.—[Mo. Statesman.

George C. Wood is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Boonville, Missouri.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record a George C. Wood who was active in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1851-1852.

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