F. D. Wood

1855-1856       Rooms over Drs. Wood’s Drug Store, Greene, New York.

F. D. Wood was recorded in one advertisement that ran from October 11, 1855 to April 24, 1856 in The Chenango American (Greene, New York).  Here We Are!  Ready and willing to wait upon all who may give us a call, at the rooms formerly occupied by M. M. Wood.

As a Daguerrean Artists, I flatter myself that I can accomplish in a few minutes, what some cannot do in weeks, viz: procure a Good Daguerreotype! and one that will please the eye of a critic as well as those of friends.  Please give me a call, and judge for yourself.  Bearing in mind that the light in the morning is much better than late in the day, in the winter season.  Pictures taken at the residence of the sick or deceased on short notice.  Instructions given to those who are desirous of learning the art.  I have also on hand an extra set of apparatus for sale, including one half size Camera Voigtlander, &c.  F. D. Wood, Artist. 

F. D. Wood is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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