T. W. Whitridge

1842                Rooms on Washington Street over J. D. Thorp’s Book Store, Indianapolis,                           Indiana.

T. W. Whitridge was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Indiana State Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana).  The announcement appeared on August 16, 1842.  Daguerreotype.  We would call attention to Mr. Whitridge’s advertisement.  The likenesses taken by Mr. W. are really superb.  He appears to be a perfect master of the business; and at the low rate of his charges, every one should procure an exact likeness of himself; bachelors should do so, to see what a disconsolate appearance they make; husbands should have those of their wives and children; lovers of their sweethearts, that they may save shoe and lip leather; young ladies should have theirs by all means; they know the reason why without being told.

It is unnecessary at this time, and we do not just now feel in the mood of going into the examination of the photographic art.  Its merits have been ably discussed, and are known to most of our readers.  We will say, however, that we desire all to call at Mr. W.’s rooms over the “New Book Store,” one square east of the Palmer House, and examine his apparatus and portraits.  Mr. W. is pleased to see company, and our word for it, he knows how to treat them.  Another inducement:  Our likeness is there, and so beautifully done that we think of having it engraved for the Democratic Review.  Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr is there among the Big Bugs, and why not ours!  It must be done.  Don’t forget to call and see them.  Mr. W. remains but a short time.  N. C.

The advertisement ran from August 16 to September 27, 1842.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  T. W. Whitridge would respectfully inform the citizens of Indianapolis, that he has arrived in town with a splendid improved French apparatus, for taking miniatures.  Having succeeded in taking likenesses in the shade, he feels the assurance to say his pictures are surpassed by none, for a clear, distinct, and beautiful impression; and of course the most perfect likenesses are always warranted.  His room is on Washington Street, where every body is invited to call and see specimens.

N. B.—Prices vary according to the size, and always to suit the times.

T.W. Whitridge is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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