Mr. Vinal

1848                Address Unknown, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mr. Vinal appeared in one announcement on March 23, 1848 in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts).  Elopement.  A Mr. Vinal eloped last week, with a young female from Worcester.  He had only been in town a week, and was engaged as a daguerreotypist.  The parties went to Norwich.  Vinal sent back word to Worcester, for a bundle which he left behind.  This led to his discovery.  On opening the bundle a letter was found from his wife.  Officers went in pursuit of the parties, and they were brought back to Worcester, and Vinal has been put in jail.

Mr. Vinal is not recorded in other photographic directories; it is possible that this is G. Vinall who was active in Salem, Massachusetts with Samuel Masury in 1847.

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