U. S. Daguerreotype Company

N. D.               30 & 32 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1855                105 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

N. D.  Ninth Plate advertising card in C. L. Branch’s collection, posted on Facebook.

U. S. Daguerreotype Company, Tyler & Co., Nos. 30 and 32, West Fourth St., Cincinnati.

Thirty operators employed in making 800 Portraits daily, by a new German process connected with machinery, and the triple Camera, which takes three likenesses at one sitting.

Superior Daguerreotypes for 25 cents and upwards.  Tyler & Co.

1855.   Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.  By Diane VanSkiver Gagel. 

United States Daguerreotype Co.  103 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Tyler & Company are recorded in many photographic directories.  It is unknown at this time if Tyler & Company were involved with the 1855 gallery in Cleveland. 

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