Mr. Tarr

1853    283 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Mr. Tarr of the firm Harrison & Hill was mentioned in one announcement for Harrison & Hill on August 27, 1853 in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York).  …Then long live Harrison and Hill’s Daguerreotype Establishment say we, with young Mr. Tarr, too, whose operating is capital, and his pictures likewise.  As to any flippant criticisms from some New York press, the writer whereof gives up about a quarter of a minute to look at the object criticized, and lets out the decision just as accident or interest turns it, why, the same critic, talking by word of mouth in an assembly of intelligent people, wouldn’t be thought worth any further answer than a pretty broad smile.—Why, old friend, Elizabeth, whose polite and honest face greets us so smilingly at your door, and into whose lap the children, we fancy, are always willing to sit quiet—she may have a far better eye for a good picture than even a Crystal Palace critic has.

Mr. Tarr is nor recorded in other photographic directories.

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