A. H. & C. C. Tappana

1855                Old Methodist Church, Glasgow, Missouri.

1855                Address Unknown, Fayette, Missouri.

A. H. & C. C. Tappana were recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri).  The advertisement ran on August 23, 1855.  The Tappana’s Daguerreotypes.  Are you in want of a bold lifelike likeness—that for position, artistic finish or tone, cannot be surpassed by any?  If you are, now is the time to procure one, as our engagements elsewhere will not permit of us remaining here but a short time. 

We would advise all in want of a good picture to give us a call and unless you are perfectly satisfied with our work we will not ask you to take it.—

We think we can safely say we have heretofore given general satisfaction; we therefore feel confident of being able to please the citizens of this place, and all who may honor us with their patronage.

We may be found at the Old Methodist Church.  A. H. & C. C. Tappana.

The announcement appeared on August 30, 1855.  Daguerreotypes.  The Messrs. Tappana will only be here this week, and those desiring their services should call at once.  Their specimens and cases are worth an examination; and if any of our citizens want a finished job, they should embrace the opportunity presented.

They will be at Fayette next week, prepared to attend to all calls.

A. H. & C. C. Tappana are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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