Charles E. Tapley

1856                16 Harrington Corner, opposite the City Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts.

1857-1858       Address Unknown, Worcester, Massachusetts.[1]

1860                American Hotel Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.1

Charles E. Tapley was mentioned in an advertisement that ran from June 14 to September 13, 1856.  B. D. Maxham Would respectfully invite all those wishing superior Daguerreotypes of themselves or friends, to call at his old stand, where they can procure likenesses taken by himself or Mr. Tapley, an old and experienced operator from the City of New York.  No 12½ or 25 cent pictures will be taken by them—their time and talent will be devoted to their profession, which they wish to make honorable, by giving good pictures at reasonable prices to all who may favor them with their patronage.

Ladies and gentlemen, please call at No. 16 Harrington Corner, opposite the City Hall, and examine specimens.  B. D. Maxham, C. E. Tapley.

Charles E. Tapley is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester from 1857–1860.  It is unknown, but possible, that he is the same C. E. Tapley active in Vermont from 1852-1854.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry Information from the Worcester City Directory, residence section.

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