James L. Stapleton

1856                Rooms over Fuller’s Store, Main Street, Middlebury, Vermont.

James L. Stapleton was recorded in two advertisements in The Middlebury Register  (Middlebury, Vermont).  The firs advertisement ran from May 21 to July 9, 1856.  Ambrotypes, Chrystallographs, Pictures on Isinglass, And Daguerreotypes.  I beg leave to inform the ladies and gentlemen of Middlebury and vicinity, that I have commenced taking the above beautiful pictures.  The Ambrotypes are cemented between two French plate glasses with an imperishable gum, rendering them proof against the effects of any climate and the action of the strongest acids.  They have none of the disagreeable metallic or mirror-like reflection of the daguerreotype, and can be seen with any light.  The Chrystallographs are taken on glass, perfectly secured, and as durable as the Ambrotypes.  My pictures on Isinglass are acknowledged by all who have seen them to be superior specimens of the art. They are the only kind of photograph well adapted to be sent to any distance by mail or otherwise.  They can be inserted between the folds of a letter without apparently increasing the weight or bulk of parcel.

As I intend to locate myself permanently in this place, my patrons will run no risk of being imposed on by inferior pictures, as I will always hold myself in readiness to remedy defects in pictures occasioned by fault of mine free of charge.  I take the above pictures on all sizes of plates, and they will cost no more than their corresponding sizes of daguerreotypes.  Ambrotypes neatly fitted into lockets and pins.  Sick and deceased persons taken at their residences.

Please call and examine specimens.  Rooms over Fuller’s store, Main st.  Jas. L. Stapleton.  Middlebury, May 20, 1856.

The second advertisement ran from July 16 to August 20, 1856.  Ambrotypes!  Ambrotypes!  As the subscriber must positively leave here in a few weeks, all those wishing to possess Ambrotypic Pictures of themselves or friends, would do well to call immediately at his rooms, over Fuller’s store.  My Pictures are no dearer than the common Daguerreotype, are almost as durable as the glass on which the impression is taken.  Unlike the Daguerreotype, the image is not reversed on the plate, and they have none of that peculiar dazzling luster of all Daguerreotypes.  My pictures are warranted not to fade in any climate.  Ambrotypes neatly put up in Lockets and Pins.  Also pictures on Mica—better known as Isinglass Pictures—the only kind of picture well adapted to be sent and distance as they can be put between the folds of a letter or parcel of any kind without apparently increasing its weight or bulk.  Also Landscape and other Views put up at moderate prices.  Sick or deceased persons taken at their residences.  Business hours from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.  Jas. L. Stapleton. 

James L. Stapleton is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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