H. T. Sherrill

1852-1853       Room over D. C. Richard’s Book Store, Columbus, Mississippi.

1853                Rooms over A. Thatcher’s Store, South Side of Main Street, Columbus, Mississippi.

H. T. Sherrill was recorded in three advertisements in the Southern Standard (Columbus, Mississippi).  The first advertisement ran from July 24, 1852 to January 22, 1853.  Daguerrian Rooms.  The subscriber respectfully begs to inform the citizens of Columbus and the surrounding country, that he has, for the present, opened a Daguerrian Room over D. C. Richard’s Book Store, and is now prepared to take Daguerrian Miniatures in all styles of the art.  Satisfaction will be given to those wishing miniatures, or they will not be asked to take them—Cases of all kinds on hand.  Pictures set in lockets, Rings and Bracelets if desired.  Corpse taken at place of death.

All who take an interest in the art or have a curiosity to gratify, are solicited to call whether wishing pictures or not.  H. T. Sherrill.                 

The second advertisement ran from February 12 to December 24, 1853.  H. T. Sherrill’s Daguerrian Gallery, (Over A. Thatcher’s Store) South Side Of Main Street, Columbus, Miss., Entrance one Door West of Thatcher’s.  The subscriber respectfully informs his old patrons and the public generally, that he has opened his Gallery at the above named place, where, by strict attention to business, he hopes to merit a continuation of the patronage heretofore liberally bestowed.

Pictures taken in the best style of the art, warranted not to fade, and put up in every variety of style, from a finger-ring to a large size case.  No Pictures will leave this Gallery but such as are completely finished.

Daguerreotypes, Paintings &c. copied.  Likenesses of sick or deceased persons taken at their residence.

Pictures of several distinguished characters can be seen at this Gallery.

Visits from Ladies and Gentlemen solicited—rooms fitted up with neatness, and will be open from 9 o’clock A. M., to 5 o’clock, P. M.

Hours for children from 11 o’clock, A. M., to 2 P. M.  Dark or Figured dress most suitable, avoiding light, Blue, or Pink.

The third advertisement ran from November 26 to December 31, 1853.  Sherrill’s Sky Light Daguerreotype Gallery.  South side of Main St., Columbus, Miss.  Pictures taken in this Gallery are acknowledged by all who have seen then to be equal in beauty and correctness to any taken North or South.  No pains or expense has been spared, nor will be in fitting this Gallery for the production of Daguerreotypes in the highest style and finish.  The art is capable of producing Pictures executed of various sizes.  Single or in groups, and encased to suit any and all tastes.  Visits from Ladies and Gentlemen respectfully solicited.

Daguerreotype material for sale.        H. T. Sherrill is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a H. F. Sherrill who was active in Columbus, Mississippi in 1854.  It’s possible they are the same person.

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