S. S. Sherrard

1852                Address Unknown, Morgantown, Virginia.

1852-1853       Rooms in E. C. Towers’ New Building, corner Main & Walnut Streets, Morgantown, Virginia.

S. S. Sherrard was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Monongalia Mirror (Morgantown, Virginia).  The announcement ran on December 4, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Sherrard has removed to the new building of E. C. Tower, corner of Main and Walnut streets, where it will be his pleasure to take Daguerreotype miniatures in fine style.  His room, together with a new supply of chemicals, cases, &c., afford excellent facilities for obtaining correct likenesses.  See his advertisement, and give him a call.

The advertisement ran from December 4, 1852 to October 8, 1853.  The Eighth Wonder of the World!  Call And See.  S. S. Sherrard respectfully informs the citizens of Morgantown and vicinity that he is now prepared to take Daguerreotypes, in the latest and most approved style of the art, at his room in the large new building of E. C. Tower, Main street.

By recent additions to his stock of materials he is better than ever prepared to take life-like pictures.  The room he now occupies affords new facilities for a happy blending of light and shade, a desideratum in getting up good likenesses.

Miniatures put in handsome cases, or set in breast pins, lockets, &c., at very low prices.  Where it is desired he will take the likeness of persons after death.  Call and see specimens.

S. S. Sherrard is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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