James E. Shaw

1851                359 Broadway, New York, New York.

James E. Shaw was recorded in one announcement that appeared on December 4, 1851 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Indecent Assault Upon A Little Girl—On Monday last James E. Shaw, a member of the theatrical profession, on a warrant issued by Justice Lothrop, wherein he stands charged with an indecent assault on a little girl only nine years of age.  Fanny Armstrong, residing with her parents.  The accused was brought before the magistrate, through his counsel—a hearing was demanded.  The prosecution took the evidence of the child Fanny, who stated that she visited Shaw’s rooms No. 359 Broadway. (where it seems, he keeps a daguerreotype gallery,) about two months ago, in company with Elizabeth Akin , a small girl of about twelve years of age, residing with her parents.  Fanny said that Elizabeth invited her to go with her to Mr. Shaw’s, to have her likeness taken, and they both went, without telling their mother where they were going.  She says Shaw took them into a private room, and took Fanny on his knees, at which time the indecent assault is alleged to have been perpetrated, the particulars of which are not suitable for publication.  The other witness Elizabeth Akin, also testified to very improper conduct exhibited by Shaw towards her, as well as towards the child Fanny.  Several medical gentlemen were examined, who differed in opinion as to the disease on the child.  The evidence was concluded yesterday, and the magistrate will give his decision on Friday.

James E. Shaw is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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