Joseph Reinhart

1847                Address Unknown, Shepherdstown, Virginia.

Joseph Reinhart was recorded in one announcement on August 13, 1847 in the Spirit of Jefferson (Charles Town, Virginia).  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. Joseph Reinhart, Daguerreotypist, is now in Shepherdstown, and expects to remain for a short time, and is prepared to take correct likenesses of family groups, single faces, dead persons, and copy Scenery and Portraits, in a style unsurpassed by any other Artist in the country, or superior Plates, gilded and colored to nature, and put up in beautiful cases at reasonable prices.  Call and examine his specimens, among which may be seen two life-like pictures—one of the Hon. Daniel Webster, and another of the celebrated Capt. Walker, who figured so conspicuously in the late battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, &c., which were taken by Mr. Reinhart during the late visit of these celebrated gentlemen to Philadelphia.  Elderly persons and invalids, by sending word to Mr. R’s Room, will be waited upon at their residences.

Pictures warranted to give satisfaction.                                                                                                          Mr. R. may be found at his Rooms from 8 o’clock A. M., until sundown.                                    Instructions in Daguerreotyping given at reasonable prices.  Shepherdstown, July 23, 1847.

Joseph Reinhart is not listed in other photographic directories.

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