Ravlen & Irving

1853                Rooms over T. Lavender’s Grocery Store, Lansingburgh, New York.

Ravlen & Irving were listed in two announcements in the Lansingburgh Democrat  (Lansingburgh, New York).  The first appeared on February 3, 1853.  Messrs. Irvin & Bablin, Daguerrian Artists, have opened a Gallery in this village in the room over T. Lavender’s Grocery Store, where they are prepared to receive calls from the ladies and gentlemen of this place.  They have already transferred the countenances of several of our citizens in such a manner that they almost seem to speak.  From what we know of their skill, we are satisfied that they are artists of considerable merit, and they invite an inspection of their work.  Give them a call.

The second appeared on February 10, 1853.  Ravlen & Irving, daguerrean artists, have just received a new invoice of splendid Pearl, Velvet, and Ivory Inlaid cases, for Daguerreotypes.  Since their arrival in this village they have been doing a regular land office building.

One can only speculate that the correct names of the partnership is Ravlen & Irving since the announcements are only a week apart.  Ravlen & Irving are  not listed in other photographic directories.  There is a possibly that Irving is James Irving who was active in Troy, New York, but without further documentation it is only speculation.

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