Mr. Page

1851                84 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York.

Mr. Page was recorded in an announcement in the Jefferson Republican (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) on November 27, 1851.  Terrible catastrophe at New York.  Nearly Fifty Children Killed, and Forty or Fifty Wounded.  One of the most lamentable occurrences that we have ever been called on to record, took place at Ward School No. 26, in Greenwich Avenue, opposite Charles street, on Thursday last, the 20th inst., when nearly fifty children lost their lives, and many more were so severely injured, that in all probability they will not recover….—Mr. Page, a daguerrean artist, at No. 84 Eighth avenue, has proffered his services to take without compensation the likenesses of any of the children who were killed or who are likely to die from their injuries.  [From the N. Y. Herald]

Mr. Page is not recorded in other photographic directories with the exact activity dates or address.

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