Morand & Peale

1842                Broadway, opposite the City Hall and Park, New York, New York.

Morand & Peale (probably Augustus Morand & C. W. Peale) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 1 to 14, 1842 in the New York Tribune (New York, New York).  New York Museum, Formerly Peale’s, Broadway opposite the City Hall and Park.

The whole collection has recently undergone a new arrangement and many valuable articles added to it.  The Portrait Gallery has been greatly increased and enlarged, as well as the Lecture Room.

Among the Miscellaneous Curiosities may be named the Egyptian Mummy from the City of Thebes, at least 3000 years old, Javanese and other Idols, Sephulcral Vessels containing Ashes of the Dead, Curious Coral (Neptune’s Punch Bowl,) Sea Lions, Siamese Twins, in Wax, &c.

Daguerreotype Likenesses taken from 9 to 4 every day, in a few seconds of time and neatly by Messrs. Morand & Peale.

At 4 o’clock every afternoon some highly interesting experiments in Mesmerism or Animal Magnetism take place.  The subject is a blind lady of intelligence and the operator is Rubens Peale, manager of the museum.

Philosophical Experiments take place every evening in the lecture Room at half past 7; and every Saturday after noon at 3 o’clock.  Fancy Glass Working by Mr. Marshall.  Yearly Tickets for a single person $3; gentleman and lady $5, and for a family $10.  Day visitors admitted the same evening without further charge.  Admission, as usual, 25 cents; Children half price.

Morand & Peale are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Augustus Morand is recorded in other directories, but C. W. Peale is not.

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