C. L. Middlebrook

1846                Address Unknown, Norfolk, Virginia.                                                                            1846                Address Unknown, Petersburgh, Virginia.

C. L. Middlebrook was mentioned in an article that appeared on August 4, 1846 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  At Norfolk…We had a grand ball last evening at the hotel, which was crowded to excess. The officers and belles danced with considerable spirit and animation, and seemed to enjoy themselves a good deal.  The band from the fort performed, and were led by W. E. Bloomfield, formerly of the New York brass band…We have here a branch of Plumb’s Daguerreotype establishment, under the management of Mr. C. L. Middlebrook, who does a good business here and at Petersburgh.  The idea is a very good one, too, for those young beaux who loose their hearts, if they cannot get the original, can be supplied with an excellent copy by Mr. M., and thus afford a temporarily relief to the victim of unrequited love in these “diggings.”

C. L. Middlebrook  is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Both Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Photographers In Virginia A Checklist by Louis Ginsberg list a C. S. Middlebrook in Petersburg.  It is possibly they are the same person.

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