Mr. Macey

1845                Rooms over the Dayton Hat and Shoe Store, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mr. Macey was recorded in an announcement in the Indiana State Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana) on December 4, 1845.  Daguerrian Miniatures.  There are three persons engaged at present in this city, in taking photographic miniatures; and all of them, we believe, are excellent artists.  We have already spoken of Mr. Kever.  We now desire to commend to the public attention Mr. Macey, whose room is over the Dayton Hat and Shoe Store.  Mr. M. deserves patronage on several accounts.  In the first place, he is a first rate artist, and secondly, he is unfortunate by reason of an accident, which has almost entirely deprived him of the use of an arm.  His gentlemanly demeanor is sure to win the approbation of all with whom he may become acquainted.  We hope the ladies as well as gentlemen, will give him a call.

Mr. Macey is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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