G. W. King

1846                Rooms over Edwin Clark’s Store, Ford Street, Ogdensburgh, New York.              1847                Room directly opposite G. N. Seymour & Sons, Ford Street, Ogdensburgh,                                      New  York.

G. W. King was recorded in two advertisement and two announcements in the St. Lawrence Republican (Ogdensburgh, New York).  The advertisement ran on March 19 & 26, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Mr. G. W. King, would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Ogdensburgh and vicinity that he has taken rooms over Edwin Clark’s store, Ford –street, where he may be found a few days engaged in taking Daguerreotype Miniatures, of Persons. Paintings or landscapes.—The extreme fidelity and great durability of these pictures are such, that none should fail to call and secure the shadow ere the substance perish.  Please call and examine prices and specimens.

The first announcement appeared on April 7, 1846.  Daguerreotypes.—Mr. G. W. King, a very ingenious artist, is now busily engaged in taking Daguerreotype likenesses, over the store of Mr. Edwin Clark, in this village.  We have seen several specimens of his work upon our citizens which are all marked with great fidelity and perfection in his art.  Considering that his terms are quite low—only two dollars—the exact change in our wallet—we shall sit for our likeness the current week, “wind and weather permitting.”  Oh, what a picture will that be, my countrymen!  Once taken, we shall forthwith transmit it to one whom we were assured in a late valentine, has suffered.                                                                                                      “——–Concealment, like a worm in the bud,                                                                                                                To prey upon her damask check.”

The second advertisement ran from August 10 to September 7, 1847.  Daguerrean Gallery!  Mr. King, Has The Pleasure of announcing to the ladies and Gentlemen of Ogdensburg and vicinity, that he is now opening a room directly opposite G. N. Seymour & Sons, for the purpose of offering something new in the way of Daguerreotype Pictures.  Having just received a New Apparatus from the best manufactory in Europe, of the first quality and Mammoth size, he is enabled to take pictures from the smallest size to those nearly or quite as large as life, and of a tone and finish that cannot be surpassed.  He has also an Apparatus arranged expressly for copying Pictures of all kinds, and for Landscapes from nature, the size and beauty of which make them truly desirable.  Pictures set in Rings, Broaches or lockets.  He has also some elegant Gilt and Embossed Cases, and Rosewood and Mahogany Frames.  All are invited to call and see for themselves.  N. B.—Instructions given and apparatus furnished on the most reasonable terms.

The second announcement appeared on September 7, 1847.  Daguerreotype likeness of Mr. Wright.—Mr. G. W. King, at his Daguerrian rooms, Ford-st., is taking likenesses of Mr. Wright, from the copy published in the Democratic Review in 1846.  The likeness of the review is a very accurate one, and the copies taken by Mr. King are excellently done.  The many admirers of the great and good man now deceased, have an opportunity of obtaining a memento of great value.  As Mr. K. remains in town but a few days, those wishing a copy should leave orders soon.

G. W. King is not listed in other photographic directories.

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