Ca. 1855          Main Street, between Fourth and Fifth Street, Louisville, Kentucky.

Kimball is mentioned  in an advertisement that was recorded on June 5, 1855 in the Daily Louisville Democrat (Louisville, Kentucky).  The Blue Light!  Harris & Co. have the pleasure of introducing to the citizens of Louisville a new feature in Daguerreotypes, namely: The Blue Light, by which weak eyes can be as well taken as strong ones.  Persons, whose eyes are so sensitive that the ordinary sky-light of the operating room causes a contraction of the muscle, and consequently a Squint, are invited to try this great improvement.

Gallery on Main street, between Fourth & Fifth, stand formerly occupied by Kimball.    my. 14.

This is possibly J. A. Kimball.  The speculation on my part is based on the entry in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as J. A. Kimball being active in Louisville Kentucky in 1851-1852.  The date of the advertisement appears at the end of the ad my. 14.  Theodore Harris is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Register  as being active in Louisville, Kentucky in 1855 as Harris & Co.

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