Kerfoot & King

1845                Rooms 197½ & 218 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland.                        1845                Rooms 163 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Kerfoot & King (B. F. King) were recorded in an advertisement and an announcement in the American Republican and Baltimore Daily Clipper (Baltimore, Maryland).  The advertisement ran from February 5 to September 17, 1845.  Photographic Likenesses.  Taken on an improved principle by Kerfoot & King.  A favorable opportunity is now offered to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Baltimore, to obtain Miniature Portraits in the most perfect style of execution, which for life-like beauty, distinctness and accuracy, are acknowledged to be unsurpassed.  Children taken at all ages, in from four to ten seconds.  Adults in from fifteen seconds to one minute.  Families taken in groups; also invalids and deceased persons taken at their residence on the shortest notice.  Likenesses taken in all kinds of weather and satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.  Original Paintings are likewise correctly copied.

Rooms 197½ and 218 south side of Baltimore Street between Charles and Light streets, where persons are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens and judge for themselves.  Miniatures colored in the most beautiful manner.

The announcement appeared on April 29, 1845.  City Intelligence…Mr. Editor, Knowing you to be a gentleman of particular observation and a lover of the fine arts, and also that your calling leads you to observe and note what combines novelty, interest and merit, the pure test of the march of improvement and discovery, I will not presume, that, in your peregrination over the surface of our fair city, you have failed to notice the attractive show of Daguerrean likenesses, taken by the Messrs. King & Kerfoot, at their gallery of paintings, no. 163 Baltimore St.  Any one, having a leisure moment, would be ample repaid for even a passing glance at their numerous specimens: for I take it upon me to say, that Plumbe, or Anthony and Edwards, though they be masters of this art, are unable more perfectly “to hold the mirror up to Nature:” nor do I believe, that the general outline and features of the face can be more vividly and truthfully portrayed.  But these gentlemen have silenced the only remaining doubt as to the rank they are destined to occupy among the description of artists: for they have taken, as any one may see at the foot of the stairs, the identical “Only a few more left”—the genuine razor-strop man—basket, strops, and his speaking card.  Look and see if it can  be beaten.   A Visitor.

Kerfoot is not recorded in other photographic directories.  B. F. King is recorded, but the partnership and the 1845 date is new information.

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