George H. Jones

1850                Rooms over William Hawkins’ Store, Hannibal, Missouri.

George H. Jones was recorded in an advertisement on  November 7, 1850 in the Western Union  (Hannibal, Missouri).  Daguerrean Gallery.  Over Wm. Hawkins’ Store.  Geo. H. Jones.  Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Hannibal and vicinity, that he will continue to execute all kinds of work in the Daguerrean Art in the latest improved style; miniatures set in beautiful shell or morocco cases; also in lockets, breast-pins, finger rings, watch keys, &c., &c.  Being convinced from past experience, that he can fully satisfy all who may encourage him, public patronage is solicited.—Entire satisfaction given, or no charge.

P. S. Instructions given in the Art, and an apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.

George H. Jones does not appear in other photographic directories.

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