1847    Address Unknown, Baltimore, Maryland.

Reported in an announcement on  October 14, 1847 in the McGrawville Express (McGrawville, New York).  Deaths In Mexico.—We have before us, this morning, accounts of four isolated deaths in Mexico, three by wounds received in battle, and one by assassination.  The three who died from their wounds, were Lieut. Twiggs, of Virginia and Lieut. Murry Winder, of Maryland, both wounded in the attack on Major  Lally’s command, and Lieut. McElvin, of Ohio, who was wounded in a fight near Santa Fe.  The fourth was an unfortunate Daguerreotype artist from Baltimore, named Johnson, who went out alone with a rifle, near Cerro Gordo, and, falling in with a party of guerillas, was killed by them.—N. Y. Com. Adv.

Reported in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Baltimore, Maryland in June of 1847.

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