William Lyman Jewell

1851                Address Unknown, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                            1851                Rooms above Messrs. Wolf & Levy’s Store, on Commercial Row, Woodville,                                    Mississippi.                                                                                                                              1851                Address Unknown, Wilkinson, Mississippi.

William Lyman Jewell was recorded in three advertisements in The Woodville Republican (Woodville, Mississippi).  The first advertisement ran from July 22 to August 12, 1851.Daguerreotypes.  The undersigned respectfully informs the citizens of Woodville and its vicinity, that he has secured the rooms above Messrs. Wolf & Levy’s Store, on Commercial Row, where he will be prepared to take the best, cheapest, and most perfect likenesses that have ever been produced in this place.  He uses one of the best instruments in the United States, the new method, and the latest improvements.  Having practiced under the best artist in New Orleans, for a long time, he flatters himself that he will be able to render entire satisfaction.

Copies of Family portraits and paintings of any kind, taken equal to the originals.  The ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at his rooms, and examine specimens.  The room will only be open regularly on Tuesdays, from 8 o’clock A. M. to 5 P. M.

Terms:  half the regular charge, from Two to twelve dollars a picture; satisfaction given, or no charge made.  Artist supplied with all kinds of cases, plates, &c.  Full instructions given in the art, for $25, payable in advance.  W. L. Jewell.

The second advertisement ran from September 16 to 23, 1851.  Great Discovery In The Daguerreotype Art!  The great obstacle, which has long been a stumbling stone, in perfecting the Daguerreotypes of the present day, has at last been overcome and beaten down, by our young Artist of Woodville, Mr. Wm. Lyman Jewell; who is by the bye a typo of the first school.

The discovery was made on the 12th inst., after his having tried many times on former occasions without success.  It consists in the following essential points, which are diamond drops to traveling Artist especially.

1st.  The picture produced by this new method does not reverse the objects, as the present one, but copies every item right, such for instance as a mole on the right cheek, by this process it will be on the same in the picture, the hair parted on the left side, will be so, and not as the present mode, for the latter always gives just the reverse.

2nd.  By this process, a picture can be taken in any window light, the distance of the camera from the person, is shortened to one-fifth the distance, taking a much cleared picture than by the present method.

3rd.  The light is so arranged, that a person with weak eyes can sit without its having the least effect upon them; the person may sit for any length of time and the picture will come out just the right color.  The same articles are used with but one exception, which can be had in any house.  It will be known hereafter as the Jewellotype.  Mr. Jewell intends giving it to the world through Artist, by the 15th of October; all those who are desirous of procuring information will be accommodated, by sending him the amount of $10 each by the 15th of next month, as the instructions will all be mailed on that day.  Those wishing to take lessons from him from the 1st. of October, will be instructed in the Daguerrean Art, until they are satisfied that they can take good pictures, for the sum of $25.     J.

The third advertisement ran from September 16 to 23, 1851.  Daguerreotype Pictures.  Mr. Wm. L. Jewell, assisted by Mr. Mershon, respectfully informs the citizens of Wilkinson and surrounding counties that they will start out on a travelling tour on Monday, 14th September, for a short time, in this part of the State, for the purpose of affording all those who may wish to obtain pictures of the above character an opportunity of so doing.  They use one of the best instruments in the United States, the new method, and latest improvements.  Mr. Jewell, having practiced under the best artist, and followed the business for the last three years, he pledges himself to render entire satisfaction.

Persons within a distance of fifty miles, wishing to have portraits of their families taken, by addressing a few lines to that effect to him at Woodville will be waited upon as soon as possible.  He will open his rooms in Woodville about the 1st of October.

William Lyman Jewell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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