Caleb Hunt

1850                Rooms in Liberty Hall, Salem, Ohio

Caleb Hunt was recorded in one advertisement, ad one announcement.  The advertisement ran from July 20 to August 10, 1850. In the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Caleb Hunt purposes opening his Daguerreotype Gallery in Salem about the 20th of July, and would say to those wishing perfect likenesses, to call and see specimens, prices, and I warrant satisfaction in all cases.  My stay will likely be very short, so call and look us over soon.  Room, Liberty Hall, fitted up with skylight, and every other arrangement for the best likenesses.

The announcement appeared on July 27, 1850 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).   Daguerreotype.  Caleb Hunt, whose advertisement will be found in another column, is engaged in taking Daguerreotype Likenesses in our village.  He has returned recently from a tour to the Eastern Cities, and judging from the high commendation given him by some of the leading journals, he must be very successful in his profession.  The following is from M’Makin’s American Courier, published at Philadelphia.

“The most successful efforts in Daguerreotype are made by natives of Ohio.  Among those who have attained remarkable proficiency in this branch of the fine Arts, we have mentioned the names of Faris in Cincinnati, and Caleb Hunt on the Western Reserve, both of whom have become highly distinguished for their superior skill, energy and success.”

In speaking of Mr. Hunt, the Courier further says, “He has had the benefit of instructions from Root, the great Philadelphia Daguerreotypist, (also from Ohio) who stands at the head of his profession in this Country, if not in Europe.  Both these gentlemen reflect credit on Ohio, the giant young state which is giving to the world so many men of acknowledged talent and true genius.”

Caleb Hunt is recorded in Ohio Photographers 1839-1990 as being active in Cincinnati in 1853 and Cleveland in 1854.

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