Hunt & Boone

1853-1856       Rooms in Johnson & Horner’s Block, Salem, Ohio.

Hunt & Boone were recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 17, 1853 to January 19, 1856 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  The Place To Get Your Likeness.  Hunt & Boone, Have opened, in Johnson & Horner’s block, the largest and finest Daguerreian Rooms in Eastern Ohio, where they are constantly taking pictures (exclusively on Galvanized Plates) surpassing all others in durability, beauty of finish and artistic style.  Our facilities for operation are of the most ample and improved order, consisting in part of machinery to polish the plate.  By it we are enabled to give the highest polish, without which a fine picture cannot be taken.  Our Sky-Light Is Of Mammoth Size And Sufficient To Take Sixty Persons On A Single Plate.

Prices Range From 37½ Cts. To Ten Dollars.  Ladies and gentlemen are requested to call and examine our specimens.  Salem, Dec. 17, 1853.

Hunt & Boone are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Caleb Hunt is recorded in Salem, Ohio in 1850 but, it is pure speculation to suggest that they are the same person.

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