David Howard

1852-1854       109 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

David Howard was recorded in an announcement that ran on November 22, 1852 in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts).  November 22, 1852, P. 2.  Pictures that are Pictures.  We wish to call the attention of our readers to the Daguerreotype Establishment of Mr. L. H. Hale, No. 109 Washington street, in this city.  As a daguerreotype artist, this gentleman is unexcelled in this country.  Many will remember the splendid rooms he occupied last winter, and the speaking pictures he executed there.  Some time last spring he disposed of the establishment to Mr. Howard, who has had it during the past summer.  But in the management of other hands it did not thrive, and we are glad to see that the original proprietor is again in possession.  He will make it pay, for no man in the city commands a greater patronage than Mr. Hale.  He has gone into the work in earnest, made several improvements, got out splendid show cases, and is again busy in manufacturing “counterfeit presentments” of the elite of Boston, and of all who want pictures, and are so fortunate as to know where to go for them.  At his room may be seen pictures of many of the most distinguished citizens of Boston.

We cannot speak too highly of Mr. Hale’s pictures.  He has an exquisite taste, and he understands so well the secret of success that he will not suffer a picture to go out of his hands that falls short of his most perfect execution in any particular.  We can most cordially recommend him to all wanting pictures as one who will give them an exact likeness and an exquisite picture.

David Howard is listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 as being active in Boston from 1853 to 1854.

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