G. W. J. Hawes

1845                Over the Post Office, Nantucket, Massachusetts.                                                                1845                105 Union Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.                                                                1846                Over Mr. Orison Adam’s store, Nantucket, Massachusetts.                                          1847                Over Frederick Gardner & Co store, Nantucket, Massachusetts.

G. W. J. Hawes appeared in three advertisements and one announcement in the Nantucket Inquirer (Nantucket, Massachusetts). The first advertisement was recorded on May 12, 1845.

Daguerreotype Miniatures.  G. W. Hawes has taken Rooms over the Post Office; where he will remain a few days, for the purpose of taking likenesses—colored, or not, as persons may prefer.  Charge for likeness and the setting, $2,50.

Mr. H. having had long experience in the business, is prepared to give the most fastidious perfect satisfaction, or no sale.

Miniature settings, such as gold, plated, and washed lockets, always on hand.  He would also give notice that he is permanently located at 105 Union street, New Bedford, where he or his partner will be happy to wait upon their patrons in the best style.  May 5.

The announcement appeared on July 26, 1845. Miniatures By Daguerreotype.  G. W. Hawes has returned to the Island and taken rooms over the old Post Office, where he will remain a few days—Persons can have a likenesses taken, with or without coloring as they may prefer, and warranted to suit them, or they are not expected to take them.  Price $2,50.  A variety of washed, plated, and gold Lockets always on hand. 

The second advertisement appeared on April 22, 1846 and ran from April 22 to July 1, 1846. Miniatures.  G. W. J. Hawes Has returned to the Island again and taken rooms over Mr. Orison Adam’s store and is now prepared to wait on any who may call.  Having procured the new and improved apparatus, he is prepared to take Miniatures in the best style, colored if they choose, and set them in a good case, for $1,50.  Pictures set in Lockets for $3,25, and $3,50.  A great variety of washed, plated, and gold Lockets, always on hand.  a10.

The third advertisement appeared on May 14, 1847.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  G. W. J. Hawes respectfully inform the inhabitants of Nantucket, that he has taken rooms over Frederick Gardner & Co.’s store.  Persons wishing Miniatures can now procure them in style and finish unsurpassed by any.  Long practice enables him to take Pictures of any style or coloring desired.

Pictures taken in cloudy weather as well as in fair.  Also, children of any age, and family groups of four or eight persons taken on one plate.  Lockets and Miniature Settings always on hand.

Those visiting New Bedford, will find us permanently located at Nos. 1 and 3, Liberty Hall, corner of Purchase and William streets.  m19.  G. W. J. Hawes & Co.

G. W. J. Hawes is not recorded in other photographic directories. A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 does list  Charles E. Hawes in 1845 in New Bedford at 105 Union Street but G. W. J. does not appear in the city directory.

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