John Gregory

1849                Rooms in the Patriot Building, Montpelier, Vermont.                                            1850                Rooms at the brick house, Corner of Pleasant Street, Middlebury, Vermont.

John Gregory is recorded in two announcements.  The first ran on  October 18, 1849 in the  Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont).  Gregory’s Daguerreotypes.  Those who would like to have their faces taken, with the living countenance, all brought out to the last line and lineament, would do well to call on Mr. Gregory, in the Patriot building, in this village.  Others may differ from us, perhaps; but to our taste, no daguerreotypes of so natural a hue, of so full an expression, and every way of so life-like an appearance, have ever before been taken in this section of the country.    D. P. T.

The second announcement ran on February 5, 1850 in The Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont).  Mr. Gregory, whose Daguerreotypes our citizens have so justly admired, will return to this village in a few days, when he will take the likenesses of those who desire it.  We can without hesitation say that Mr. Gregory’s Daguerreotypes surpass any thing we have ever before seen, standing out, in natural colors, like a finished painting,—every feature distinctly preserved, life-like, and real.  Mr. G. retains his rooms at the Brick House, corner Pleasant Street.

John Gregory is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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