Green & Holmes

1853-1854       Rooms No. 6 Seneca Street, nearly opposite the Post Office, Geneva, New                                       York.

Green (John F.) & Holmes (D. R.) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from September 9, 1853 to January 6, 1854 in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  Daguerreotypes.  The Subscriber having connected themselves together for the purpose of Daguerreotyping, also fitted up a new suite of rooms opposite the Post Office, are now prepared to make Pictures unequalled in the vicinity.  We are now making a style of pictures never before made in this village or county, and the Only Persons that can make them—(no humbug about this notwithstanding what others may say.)  They are called Crayon Daguerreotypes.

As for Daguerreotypes we challenge competition.  We can suit the most fastidious.  We have the largest and best arranged operative room, as well as light, aside from the reception room, in the county.  Our light is well adapted to children, being three times as large as any other in the vicinity, consequently we can take them quicker.  We are the only persons in town that take the Stereoscopic or Binocular Pictures.  In fact we make all kinds of Pictures, either in colors, or oil, or on silver.  Persons wishing Daguerreotypes of themselves or friends, are invited to call and examine our specimens.  Our Rooms are opposite the New Post Office, and directly over Barnard & Van Deren’s Jewelry store.  John F. Greene.  D. R. Holmes.

John F. Greene was discussed in yesterday’s post, and D. R. Holmes is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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