Isaac Gale, Jr.

1848-1849       257 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Isaac Gale, Jr. was recorded in two identical advertisement. The first advertisement ran from December 6, 1848 to January 6, 1849 in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript, and the second advertisement ran from January 25 to March 10, 1849 in The Daily Chronotype  both were published in (Boston, Massachusetts).    Litch’s Sky-Light Daguerreotype Rooms.  Arranged expressly for taking Family Groups—No. 257 Washington Street, 7 doors north of Winter St.

We have the Best Light in the city, and our extensive facilities enable us to execute likenesses, and especially Family Groups, in a style unsurpassed in the world.  Mr. L. (Formerly of the firm of Litch & Whipple), who has been engaged in the art from its commencement in the United States, attended personally to the operating department.

Perfect satisfaction given, or no charge.  Instruction given in the art, and stock and apparatus furnished.  Isaac Gale, Jr., Proprietor.  Albert Litch, Agent.

Isaac Gale, Jr. is not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers or other photographic directories.

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