A. P. Dostie

1850          Room in Brick Row of H. Davis, opposite Givens’ Hotel, Schenectady, New                                      York.

A. P. Dostie was recorded in two advertisements, and three announcements. The first ran from January 4 to April 26, 1850 in The Schenectady Reflector (Schenectady, New York). A. P. Dostie’s Daguerrean Gallery, in the brick row of H. Davis, opposite Givens’ Hotel, Schenectady.  Established in 1850.  Open to citizens and strangers (Sunday excepted) from 8 o’clock A. M. to 5 P. M. during the winter.

Pictures taken of persons, paintings, statuary, &c. from the smallest to the largest sizes common in the art, at prices ranging from $1.50 to $7.50.  Pictures taken at all hours of the day and in all kinds of weather, in any colour of dress—but dark is preferred.  Pictures not in all respects well executed, will not be suffered to be taken from the gallery.

The same advertisement ran from January 8 to May 21, 1850 in The Schenectady Cabinet (Schenectady, New York).

The first announcement ran on March 15, 1850 in The Schenectady Reflector (Schenectady, New York).  Explosion.—Loss of Life.—On Monday last, between one and two o’clock in the afternoon, on the Troy and Schenectady Railroad, the boiler of the new locomotive Boston exploded, killing the engineer, Mr. Wiegand, and seriously injuring the fireman, Mr. Niel….

Mr. Dostie, daguerreotypist, took two views of the wreck on Tuesday, which are admirably executed.  We understand he has orders for some twenty copies.

The second announcement appeared on March 19, 1850 in The Schenectady Cabinet  (Schenectady, New York).  Mr. A. P. Dostie, daguerreotypist, has taken a very accurate and admirably executed view of the wreck of the locomotive “Boston,” and has orders for a number of copies.

The third announcement appeared June 4, 1850 in The Schenectady Cabinet (Schenectady, New York).  Mr. A. P. Dostie, the accomplished Daguerreotypist, who has filled a highly satisfactory “mission” to this city, during the past five months, has left us for his former residence, Amsterdam, where he will tarry for a time at least.—Wherever he may go, we bespeak for him that patronage which his success as an operator—to say nothing of his very gentlemanly deportment and faculty that he has of making everybody pleased with both himself and his productions—so justly entitles him.  He will be succeeded in this city by Mr. Farnham, who comes highly recommended.  (Rooms in Freeman’s Building, No. 80 State-street.)

A. P. Dostie is not recorded in other photographic directories. The question is, Amsterdam is it Amsterdam the country or Amsterdam, New York which is less than twenty miles from Schenectady?


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